iOS 13.1.3, iPadOS 13.1.3, and Catalina Supplemental Update Tackle Bugs

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Apple has updated iOS 13, iPadOS, and macOS 10.15 Catalina to squash some of the many bugs still remaining.

One bug not yet squashed: Apple says it is aware of the issue I’m experiencing, in which a playlist folder (i.e. containing multiple playlists) created on my desktop displays incorrect artwork on an iPhone by reusing the first handful of album covers repeatedly. Clicking on an individual album brings up the correct cover. No workaround available so far, and 13.1.3 hasn’t fixed the problem.

On my iPad Pro I can no longer print mail messages? Am I missing something?

The 13.1.3 update did not fix the bug where iTunes wifi sync panel has simply disappeared from Settings.

Major bug still not squashed - hotspot is broken. Not working consistently, drops and/or forgets connections, even renames device. Support forum full of complaints, and only Apple replies, so far, are boilerplate how-to’s. This is huge problem for folks in remote areas where standard internet not readily available.

Please let us know when they fix Apple Mail on Catalina. It seems risky to upgrade before we have some assurance that the problems are solved.