Internet connectivity

My wife and I run late 2017 MBPs. Latest Mojave. We both have iPhones. We connect to Wifi through an Xfinity Router. The problems I experienced began about 3 days ago. She started experiencing them today. The indications we have are of a slow connection - but only on the MBPs - not the iPhone. iPhone speed checks and connectivity are good. The slow connection seems worse for Safari but is apparent on other browsers. I recently installed Microsoft Edge - don’t know why that should be a factor. I also have another problem that I don’t think she has experienced. The computer just freezes up for about a minute. Then the clicks I’ve made take effect and I’m back to normal. I haven’t been able to associate it for sure with any program running - though I suspect Mail - just don’t know. So - anyone else start seeing this - and, if so, what was the solution - if any. I’ve been a Mac user since 1984. Appreciate any help. David

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(Not necessarily your problem but it would be useful to eliminate wifi issues)

Does Activity Monitor show anything unusual? Perhaps keep it running for a while and see it you can switch to it during these episodes. It may be a recent install if both of you have the same issues and both updated.

Thank you all-
I keep activity monitor running - can’t find a correlation.
I’ve run checks on strength as well as speed - but will see if I can correlate.
Of course, when the system freezes, I can’t check anything - is there someway to look at what happened after the fact?

Appreciate the advice.


I would call Comcast. Are you verifying that your iPhones are working well from the router as WiFi clients (put them into Airplane mode and then activate the WiFi radios). My experience with Comcast is extraordinarily uneven. They have VERY good support people but also people who have no clue about anything other than whether your bill has been paid. If you have a new problem that’s affecting multiple devices on your LAN that suggests the router or the cable modem or the internet service itself. Have you used tools like iStumbler or yet?

Do things that don’t require WAN access proceed at normal speed (file transfers between your machines, etc.)?

I think the problem was solved - not sure what did it. Comcast indicated that there might be 2 probs. One with interference in the signal which they said they would correct with an alignment. Don’t know how that could work. Comcast said that they were having problems in neighborhood but I think my problem began prior. I replaced the Comcast wifi modem. The signal strength had actually varied over short periods of time from poor to excellent. It appeared to work on both our MBPs once Comcast was done in area and we changed out the Comcast modem.