Interface oddities

As far as I know, my questions in this post have no importance.

I will post four screenshots. The first two are from article comments that I saw while browsing TidBITS (where I cannot add a comment); the second two are the same comments but viewed from TidBITS Talk. The reason I’m posting is because of how the user identification varies. Note the change in the icon, and the changes in the text identifiers. (How would I correctly label the two user identifiers? “David C.” is constant, but the other one is variously absent, David0, or Shamino.) Why does the icon change, and why does the second identifier change?

Screen Shot 2024-01-06 at 17.59.08

Finally, why is the second screenshot’s article title so much bigger than the others? It does not appear that way when I look at the screenshots on my Mac.

Thanks for any enlightenment.

The short answer to the icon changing is that there are two users with the name “David C”: @Shamino and @david0

I’m not sure about the font size issue, but I’d wonder if you took one screenshot on a non-Retina screen (~72 dpi) and the other on a Retina screen (144 dpi).

Well, silly me. And it seems that the second identifier (@Shamino and @david0) does not appear when comments are viewed in TidBITS (under the article) but do appear in TidBITS Talk.

Nope, both on the same Mac (MBA M1, away from its second display). I don’t doubt I did something different, but I thought I did the same thing for both.

Ah! Yes, the Discourse WordPress plugin doesn’t provide exactly the same display. Which sort of makes sense, since usernames aren’t really relevant on a different server.