Insulation on Apple cables

So how long do you expect Apple’s insulation on their current product wiring to last before it cracks and shorts out?
I’ve seen this problem going back to the “flying saucer” power supplies and subsequently. The net has a lot of home repair advice to offer. But, egad, even my Powerbook 100 series laptops had better power cables insulation that didn’t crack and fall off the wires.

The problem I have with Apple is the rapid obsolescence of the hardware.

I had moaned and groaned about the same situation on this forum years ago. I always treated my Apple cables with the utmost respect, never yanking or folding them. The consensus was that the off brand cables were generally as bad as Apple’s, often worse. The only exception was very good advice from some TidBITS Talkers about Anker’s Powerline cables. In my opinion, they are longer lasting. It was a very good recommendation, and I’ve become a big fan of Powerline cables, as well as their ultra fast chargers.

But I feel obligated to say that we’ve been using our AirPort Extreme since 2-3 months after they were first released. Our SE 30, ancient iPods, Cheese Grater, Power Mac 9300, ancient MacBook Pros, and iPhone 4Ses are all operable. So are our ancient keyboards. I think that’s a very good testimonial for Apple hardware, especially since our MacBook Pros did take a lot of hard knocks when we needed to drag them around on public transportation. IMHO, the cables’ survival rate isn’t any worse than other knockoff brands, except for Anker.

Long-term Apple hardware support is pretty good. iOS 15 will support the six-year-old iPhone 6s, albeit with some features missing. But yeah, their cables are usually terrible.

Yeah…I’ve replaced at least 3 or 4 laptop power supplies over the years…and it’s always the cable between the brick and the laptop connector.

Ditto. I’ve found that I can greatly extend the life of those cables if I inspect them from time to time and repair any broken insulation with Sugru.


I think many people have suffered from that.

Good thing we now have industry-standard USB-C and chargers that come with a simple USB-C port instead of a firmly attached cable. If there’s an issue with the cable, just throw it out and get a new one. $9 fix.

(Got a less expensive RAVpower myself, but that’s no longer available)


And in case you want to also be able to use that charging cable for fast data, a few bucks more does the trick.

$14 and $16