Inside iOS 12: Use Third-Party Password Managers to Simplify Logins

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Among the password-related changes in iOS 12 is the much-anticipated support for integrating third-party password managers with Safari and other apps, almost—but not quite—as a peer to iCloud Keychain.

The article suggests I “Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords”. Following this text is a screen shot that shows a choice to AutoFill Passwords, a green toggle switch and a list containing various password managers.

I can reach this point on my iPad, however my iPhone 7 Plus only shows an option: AutoFill Passwords with the green toggle and no list of password managers which, in my case, should include iCloud Keychain and 1Password. Is this information only applicable to the iPad?

Both iPad and iPhone are running 12.0.1 ios. Am I missing something?

It’s present on iPhones too. First, make sure you have the latest version of 1Password for iOS installed. If you do, try deleting it, downloading it again from the App Store, and then opening (and signing in and so forth). After that, it should appear in AutoFill Passwords.

What is this Share sheet extension business?

thx for the IOS 12 password article. I use Lastpass, great product

Here’s an article that explains Share sheet extensions:

It’s useful to note that iOS keychain by itself has become a much better facility for password management. Facilities to show all passwords and flag passwords used on more than one site are definitely a step in the right direction. Also, the ability to airdrop passwords sounds like a winner (but I haven’t upgraded to Mojave yet – can’t receive them on macOS yet).

Family and enterprise password management are great applications for third-party managers, but a single user can do pretty darn well with the built-in stuff. Also, I fully expect for Apple’s tools to get better in future releases. I’d appreciate a deep discussion on what Joe thinks are the gaps in Apple’s solution – and whether or not users can/should tolerate them.

I use 1Password hourly and have for years both on Mac and iOS and have never needed the Share Sheet. All I’ve done is double click the home button to go berween the login field and 1Password. In fact most locations when I ve copied and then pasted my UN, 1Password indicates that it has already copied my password, ready to paste. This process takes mere seconds. Even better with apps side by side for multi tasking. Joe, what you describe sounds like a setback. Many times I just use the 1Password app itself as browser. That makes virtually a one step login. Choose the login for the site, press “open and fill” and 1P takes you to the site and logs in.

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