InfinitiKloud for backup?

Request: Analyze the products such as InfinitiKloud for back-up.



I’ve taken a quick look at the InfinitiKloud site, and while I can’t say anything about how well it works, I don’t approve of it in general as a part of a backup strategy. At only 64 GB, it’s not large enough to hold all your files (or even anywhere near all my photos), and having to make decisions about what to back up is one of the great mistakes in backup. You always want to back up everything, or at most, set certain things not to be backed up. Otherwise, you’re bound to make a mistake and think you’re backing up when in fact the system is missing important files you didn’t think about.

Frankly, InfinitiKloud also feels like a PC-based product and has the air of a late-night TV ad to it, so I’d steer away from it for those reasons too.

Stick with real Mac backup apps and services like Time Machine, SuperDuper, Carbon Copy Cloner, Backblaze, and so on. If you need help setting up a solid backup strategy, consult Joe Kissell’s Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac.

Adam…….thanks for the reply