Importing Entourage data to Outlook 16

(Tori Hernandez) #1

Old iMac with ms office 2008 and Entourage email app - I need to transfer data of entourage into 2016 ms office Outlook on a new iMac with High Sierra. I exported data as an archive from entourage. I could not import into new outlook.
Can anyone give me ideas as to how I can accomplish transfer of data?
When I setup new iMac, I installed new apps and brought nothing over except data. Help please.

(Tommy Weir) #2

No expert on matters Microsoft but A quick search revealed this -

Looks like you need to use Outlook 2011 as a bridge. They do suggest a workaround which was my first thought, using IMAP but depending on your details might be simple, might be tiresome.

(Tori Hernandez) #3

Thank you. I racked my brain thinking of how to do this. I recall being able to change POP account to IMAP account and then easily opens into Outlook, but this was years ago.

(Tommy Weir) #4

You may well be able to change your providers email to an IMAP account. In Gmail it’s quite straightforward for example, but it would depend on each provider exactly how to change it. Doubt it would change your archive/existing emails at all, probably just reset you for new email.

One other thing you might consider… I use DevonThink Pro Office which has the ability to set up a database of archived email, so readily available to search etc, it will import it all in directly, it’s very straightforward. Might be something? Put the years of old stuff in there and start afresh with new emails in Outlook. After a while you’ll have less and less reason to access the archive.

(Tori Hernandez) #5

Hi Tommy: Good to know. I appreciate everyone’s input.