Import photos into PowerPoint 365

I have to design a presentation in PP which will have 80 photos, each on a separate slide. Is there a straightforward way to import them in bulk, without adding them individually (which will take a while)? They’re in separate files in a folder, not in the Photos album.

Just show the thumbnails on the side and drag the photographs onto it.

That’s how Keynote does it, I’m pretty sure PP does as well. If it doesn’t you could use Keynote and export a PPTX file.

In Keynote, it imports them all so the image is full height of the slide. It will set each of the photos on a standard ‘title and bullet points’ slide, you can simply select them all and set the slide type to ‘blank’.

As close to an instant slideshow as you can get.

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It doesn’t seem to work in PowerPoint. You’re correct that it works in Keynote, so yesterday evening I taught myself enough about Keynote to use it for the presentation. As you say, it’s an instant, controllable slideshow.


Easy to do, Jeremy. Powerpoint: In Powerpoint Menu find: INSERT > Scroll down to PICTURE from file. Then go to your folder of images and get started.
AFAIK, it is only one at a time but not sure how to do multiple. If you select multiple images to import, I believe they will be placed on top of each other in one slide. Best, Patrick

Easy to import them one at a time, Patrick, yes; but I have 82 of the damn things, so that really isn’t a viable option. Happily, Keynote rides to the rescue.

Good you’ve discovered KN, and as you get comfortable with it (learning curve isn’t too bad, pretty intuitive) you’ll see that it’s (IMO) much better than PP. I’ve used KN since it began and never much liked PP (so, admittedly, maybe I never learned to use it well). KN can make wonderful presentations, all kinds of effects and animations, and all of it is easy to make and set up.

One caveat: many venues, usually large ones where you have to give your stuff to the IT people who project it using their computers, always have only Windows, never Macs, so only PP can be used (and exporting KN to PP is often very tedious). Sometimes the podium has I/O ports so you can connect your Mac there, but even that doesn’t always work right. At smaller places you can usually connect your Mac directly to their projector and sound system, but make sure you bring your own cables and dongles.


KN worked well for the talk. Now I’ve used it once, and investigated controlling it from my phone, I expect I’ll use it a lot more. I’ve spent 30 years arguing with IT people who don’t understand Macs and can’t be bothered to learn anything about them, and sadly, I continue to have to run through the same arguments. I am, fortunately, usually able to stipulate the IT support I need to give a talk.


Actually, many of those IT people I’ve spoken with use Macs themselves at home, and would prefer them, but I never got a convincing answer about why they used Windows at venues.