iMovie 10.2.3

Originally published at: iMovie 10.2.23 - TidBITS

Maintenance release devoted to fixing bugs related to importing projects from iMovie for iOS. (Free, 2.2 GB, macOS 10.15.6+)

The App Store a couple of days ago prodded me to update iMovie to 10.2.3. Is it possible you mistyped the version number?

(Caveat: I don’t use iMovie and only update it to stop the nagging. I could be out to lunch here.)

No, the new version number seems to be 10.2.3, not 10.2.23 (though that’s closer than 10.1.23).

I’m amazed to find myself being such a nag about something I don’t use.

Yep, just a typo that slipped through editing—I’ve fixed it, thanks!

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