If you were getting a 2021 iPad Pro 11-inch how much storage would you get?

I just ordered a new 2021 iPad Pro 11-inch, cellular + wi-fi. My main work machine is a MacBook Pro. I’m sort of wondering if I made the right choice on storage. Without me saying the size I ordered, I’m curious what size other people would order and why. I could still change it I guess. I think I ordered enough space, but the next level always tempts you. :slight_smile:


I decided against the new Pro and went instead with the Air and 256 GB. However, the Pro I was looking at was 128 GB. That’s what my iPad Mini has now, and I have had enough space since I bought it four years ago. I’ll occasionally download a movie or a few episodes of a show before I travel, and 128 GB still gives me more than enough space for that.

If the Air had a 128 GB option I would have bought that one, but it’s only 64 or 256.

But really it probably is a personal decision anyway, based on how you plan to use the device.

I got the 1TB as the jump to 2 TB was a bit much $. With the USB C port and ability to transfer files, I should be OK at 1 TB (though I am always wrong). It will give me something to be disciplined about to stay within the new limit.

Based on how I use my iPhone and iPad Air, I’d get the 128-GB version of the iPad Pro. On both of my devices, I’m currently using substantially less than 64 GB, but if I were to load, for instance, my music library onto them, it would probably use up a big chunk of the available free space. With 128 GB, I would have little concern about possibly running out of space.

I considered that as well, but the size of the device was the same, more or less, and it seemed interesting to get the new features, including being able to try 5G for the first time, and a better camera, and the new processor, etc. but that’s a reasonable alternative that saves a bit of money.

Why do you feel you need so much storage space on an iPad? And did you go for the 11 inch or the 12.9? Are you using it for a lot of video editing or something that takes up a lot of storage? Is your iPad your main device, rather than a MacBook Pro for example?

When I do upgrade my MacBook Pro for the first time in eight years, hopefully later this year, I do intend to get 2 TB for that.

My iPhone X has 256 GB of capacity and even before switching to full 2 TB iCloud it was only using half of that. After turning on full iCloud for all my devices the storage use on the device actually dropped. But 128 GB would’ve felt too tight.

Anyway, I ended up ordering the 256 GB like on my iPhone. It was just nagging me whether I should’ve gone for 512 GB for an extra $200 to “future proof” it a bit. Or an extra ¥24,000 in my case. Apple is clever in having you think that way, $100 here, $200 here, but it adds up.

With the money I saved I was able to order their smart keyboard case instead.

Since my main device is my MacBook Pro, I guess the 256 GB will be more than sufficient.


My Air is 256 and typically has 80-100 free.

The last feature that I was waffling about was Face ID on the Pro vs Touch ID on the power button on the Air. I’ll receive the Air sometime next week, but I’m concerned that having to power on using the power button on the top/side (depending on orientation) will be frustrating. With a home button Touch ID sensor, you can turn on the display and unlock at the same time. I really would have preferred Face ID.

I did also consider the better “selfie” camera, particularly the new center-stage feature for FaceTime calls (one of the things that I have learned during the pandemic is that my 94 year-old hard-of-hearing Mom can hear me better with her iPad using FaceTime compared with the home or cell phone, so I’ll be doing a lot more FT calls than I may have), but I never use my iPad for taking photos with the rear camera, so the better rear camera system isn’t something I would need.

The four speakers also attracted me. The volume on my old iPad 5th generation that I gave my sister was low. I also have rarely used the rear camera on an iPad.

I actually had a 2018 model iPad Pro 12.9 inch that I inherited from a friend who passed away last year at age 100. He barely touched it, and I barely touched it because it was sitting here next to my MacBook Pro, and was too large and awkward to hold to use as a tablet. So I just sold it, and that’s why I was looking at an iPad to use as a tablet. But I got the Apple smart keyboard case because it’s very easy to use and I did test on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro and found I could do some actual work on it in an emergency, using Textastic for editing and and Termius to contact servers, etc. Still, it’s much easier to do regular work on my MacBook Pro.

It’s funny that I still feel a bit of nagging about that 512 GB option. Really the only reason I’m thinking about it at all is because the 12.9 inch iPad Pro I just sold had that storage size. But I was only using 60 GB!

With my next MBP I’m going for 2 TB for sure though, since the 512 GB SSD on my late 2013 MBP is just too small. I have my 400 GB Photos library on an external SSD drive.

I decided to upgrade my 2018 11" iPad Pro to the 2021 model. My current 256 GB version 98 GB free. So, for future-proofing, I decided to upgrade to 512 GB. I find free space is usable for storing music and video and offline maps for when you are away from Internet connectivity or connectivity is marginal (for example, when visiting most of the interior US West and when flying). Most of the major streaming services allow to download most of their shows and movies to mobile devices but not to computers. This can eat up storage fast. Based on my current levels, I feel that holding at 256 GB could be limiting before I feel like upgrading again.

Good point too. Going back and forth in my mind whether to change the order.

I have 256 on my current iPad and push against full much of the time. The 512 would be safe but things tend to get bigger over time - photos, movies, games. Maybe overkill, but I would rather have a little more than not enough. So, yeah, depending on what you use it for, 512 may be enough.

It was just somehow nagging at me so I went ahead and changed the order to 512 GB. Expected delivery is just 1 day later than yesterday’s order, which Apple helped me cancel.

Usually I’m correct about these nagging feelings, so I feel I did the best thing here.

Going for 1 TB would be a very large increase in price though, and since this is not a “work machine” usually I didn’t go for that.

Ultimately, it depends on what you use it for.

My iOS devices are primarily used for e-mail, light web surfing, some information-access apps (like IMDB) and puzzle-type games (like Homescapes). These apps don’t use a whole lot of storage. While my old iPhone (with 16 GB of storage) was very cramped, the base 128 GB of the current iPad Pro would be far more than I need.

It’s only media files that consume a lot of space for me. Which is why my iPod Touch has 128 GB - because it’s holding my entire music collection, which is about 65GB.

Of course, for what I use iOS devices for, I would never get an iPad Pro to begin with. I’d stick with the basic iPad or iPad Air. I would probably avoid the minimal 32 GB storage, just to be safe going forward into the future, but I’d take the next size up from that (or maybe one notch further if I plan on using it to hold media files).

What you’re saying makes complete sense. I guess the reason the 256 GB nagged at me was because it isn’t really clear whether I might make more use of it with large files, given the new CPU, the better front camera, the 5G support and new iOS releases down the rode. So I figured for the relatively small difference in price I might as well not worry about it.

I ordered the 11-inch (wifi only), with 256GB Storage. My current iPad has 128GB so I figure doubling it should be nice and safe.

I’m sure you’re right. I don’t know why the 256 GB was nagging at me. Maybe because the iPad Pro (2018) 12.9-inch that I sold had 512 GB. And the only reason it had that large a capacity was because the friend I inherited it from wanted that much space, even though he hardly used any space at all.

Anyway, future-proofing.

I also ordered the Apple smart folio keyboard case. It’s pretty light and useful for those times I actually will use it for some work. Apple said that would arrive on May 7, but it arrived yesterday, the day after I ordered it! They predict the iPad will arrive between May 22-28. Looking forward to it.

My current iPad is a 2014 model, and is struggling a bit with some newer software.
(OK, games.) So I am really looking forward to the upgrade. :slight_smile:

When is your estimated delivery? Do you use a keyboard with it at all?