iCloud Photos not syncing to all devices

Hi all,

I’ve recently created a Screensaver album in Apple’s Photos app that I’ve set up as the source for my screen savers on my AppleTVs and Macs. All of the AppleTVs and Macs synchronize perfectly fine, except for one of my MacBook Pros. It’s an older 2019 MBP that’s running Sonoma 14.3.1. When I go into the Photos app on it, the images aren’t updated. Same with the Screensaver in System Settings. I sign in to iCloud on all of the devices using the same AppleID and have Photos enabled in “Apps Using iCloud”, and “Sync this Mac” enabled as well. Photos that I added and updated several days ago are there, but not anything that I’ve added or updated in the last day or so, yet they’re on all of the other devices (AppleTVs and other Macs). Last week when I noticed this first happening, I turned off iCloud, turned off Photos in System Settings, and disabled syncing before reenabling everything, which then resolved the issue. However, that fix was evidently temporary.

Any suggestions on resolving this issue once and for all?


Have you tried signing out of iCloud and signing in again?