iCloud login is device password

I don’t login to iCloud very often but recently I’ve had reasons to do so.

When I do, iCloud asks for and accepts my computer device login. It does not ask for my iCloud password.

Does that make sense? It didn’t to me.

Thank you.

It makes no sense to me, but what do I know. This unusual way of doing things caught me out a while ago, causing quite a lot of frustration.

The text appears to ask for your iCloud ID password,

but you have to enter you user account password for the machine you’re using. I can only guess that by signing in with your machine/OS user account password, you are allowing your machine to communicate to iCloud.com and supply appropriate credentials for your access.

The wording could certainly be clearer, but it hasn’t changed in years.

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It’s been like this for a while now for me. Since I installed Monterey maybe?

It’s just like 2FA. Your device is logged into the same iCloud account. If you can prove you’re authorized on that device, iCloud knows you are you and let’s you in.

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I believe this is Safari using a passkey to log into iCloud. Your computer’s login password is the second factor.

When I log into an Apple website on my iPad and MBP, Safari asks for authentication using Touch ID; on my iPhone, it uses Face ID. On my iMac where there is no biometric authentication method, it asks for my login password.

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OP returning…

Thanks for bringing me current. Sounds like I’ve been under a rock and this action is now normal.

Thank you.