iCloud calendar sharing / Create iCloud account

Hi friends, in the past I’ve shared my personal calendar with my my wife and daughter who both have iCloud accounts. I’m now trying to share a calendar with someone who has an Apple ID, but it’s not an iCloud account.

Reading Apple’s documentation, it states that both users must have iCloud accounts. However, when my friend goes to iCloud.con, there’s no way yo create an account. When I search for instructions to create an iCloud account, I can’t find any.

I’d welcome some valid, working instructions to create an iCloud account, so that I can share my calendar.


Anyone who has an Apple ID has an iCloud account. It doesn’t need to be an iCloud.com email address.

Keep your calendars up to date and share them with iCloud – Apple Support (UK)

However, you can add an iCloud.com address as an alternative “reachable at” address from Apple ID settings. It can’t be an iCloud.com address that has already been set up before. See About your Apple ID email addresses - Apple Support

But, again, for this purpose, it’s unnecessary.

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I set up a separate iCloud account for me and my wife using a New apple ID. I’m not sure that was the best way to go, but it wasn’t a problem setting up an additional account. Probably have to set up the Apple ID first?