I just got myself an iPhone SE

I’ve been using an Android phone for the last couple of years, after my old iPhone 4S got too long in the tooth, but it hasn’t been an easy experience. While I like some aspects of Android, like the way that notifications are handled, others have annoyed me.

Then, about a week ago, I had a scare when my phone got itself into a reboot loop and was unusable for most of the day. (It eventually came back to life, but not before scaring the bejesus out of me!) So I decided that I’d better get another phone in case this one was on its way out. (It’s a Lenovo PHAB2. Yes, I’m cheap.)

I didn’t want to blow a load of cash on the latest phone tech, and I’m wary of springing for another Android phone, so I had a look around to see what I could get in the way of fairly recent iPhones. As it happened, I found some refurbished iPhone SEs going for a song, so I grabbed one.

I’d not realised just how small it was until I got it and put it next to the Lenovo. As it’s a 16GB model I won’t be loading it up with apps, but that’s OK because I have an iPad Mini that already handles most of my mobile needs at home.

I’m under no illusions about the lifespan of this iPhone, and the limitations it has, but I have to admit that it does feel good to have a pocketable phone once more! It does what I need of it with aplomb, and that’s what really matters. And I can use it with one hand. :slight_smile:

Any others out there still loving their little iPhones?

I like the SE so much that I recently purchased a spare from the Apple clearance site. At this point we have 4 SE’s in the family. The size is just perfect. Long live the SE.

My favorite!

Same here. IMHO the best iPhone Apple ever made. Both my wife and I bought a 128GB model recently when Apple was selling a bunch through their clearance website.

Snap. We call them the Steve Edition. I wouldn’t worry about longevity, sturdy little thing once your case covers the glass edge. Holding out for an SE II.

I found mine on Amazon, as there was nothing on the Apple UK refurb & clearance pages.

No affiliate link, but I can’t speak highly enough of the Speck case for my SE. I’m butterfingered (even with a Popsocket) and have dropped it facedown and corner down countless times on my tiled bathroom floor. I think the smaller size protects the screen, since there’s less leverage across it when it falls.

I like the Incipio cases. There is one truth I know, I will drop my iPhone. Been that way since my Palm Pilot. I need cases…