I can consistently freeze my iPhone

All I have to do is plug my iPhone (works with both 6s and Xs) into the USB port of my 2009 Honda Fit and try to use Siri either shortly before or after I’m plugging it in. Immediately it will freeze with the Siri screen displayed. The only way to get it working again is a hard reset, holding the power button and secondary button.

Perhaps a security researcher can make use of this as part of a series of exploits to claim a bounty from Apple. Or perhaps Apple will fix it.

Anyway, I just wondered if anybody else had run into other similar problems that consistently cause you to have to reset your iPhone?

I’ve had some random freezing issues this summer, usually when I’ve tried to ask siri something while in the car as well. I suspect it’s the same as you, when I’ve just started the car. I think it’s transferring control to my stereo at that time and just can’t handle multitasking. It will unfreeze itself but can take up to 5 minutes. And you’re right, a hard reset is the only thing that will work other than waiting - and that’s impossible to do while driving.

iPhone SE

Freaky problems. Since you can reproduce the problem, @jtbayly, have you tried backing up an iPhone and erasing it completely and then restoring? That’s what I’d try first, though if I’m understanding right and the problem occurs with two iPhone models, it may not be an issue.

The other troubleshooting step I’d try is to get someone else to plug in their iPhone and see if that causes the crash.

Great ideas. I’ll try to mess up a friend’s phone soon. lol.