HP Instant Ink Dilemma

Recently I purchased a new HP inkjet printer (Envy 6000). It replaced an elderly DeskJet printer. Although it prints well, this new printer was possessed with a ghost, HP’s Instant Ink. Considering my needs for color printing, I need new cartridges about every 5 years. After deflection of many offers and ignoring HP’s pleas to keep my printer on at all times so the ink status of the printer could be measured, I was finally able to turn off HP’s Instant Ink campaign.

However, today the lady across the hall asked me to help install HP replacement ink in her 5 year old 5255 printer. However, each time we attempted to print a test sheet, it asked to Connect to Instant Ink. The alternative was misleading “OK.” I did so and the pieces were printed.

The problem is the lady is over 90 years old, the navigation to the tiny printer menu is difficult to see and use. Right now, each time she prints something, she has to dismiss the “Connect” option.

Is there anyone who knows a short method of shutting off these actions? It’s like a “commercial” virus and we don’t know what the vaccine or the treatment (save for multiple rejections of HP offers).

I had ability to navigate several HP pages and menus to FINALLY turn off the offers on my machine. But it would be hard to do this on some else’s PC.

Don O’Shea

P.S. The idea of a printer always on, so that HP can monitor my ink use, give me the willies!

I don’t know the answer but I know the feeling. I cancelled Instant Ink immediately after my purchase of a printer last year and it has been a difficult process to escape from. My printer keeps trying to connect to instant ink and keeps giving me messages that I don’t have instant ink cartridges installed.

The program may save money for some - but my days of having to print invoices for our business are long gone now that everyone we associate with uses pdfs. I’m too old for the hassle.