How to turn off Offload Unused Apps setting in iOS

I had turned on the Offload Apps on my iPad. Now I want to turn it off, but the setting switch to do that is not under Settings > General > Usage like it was before. I assume that once you turn it on, it doesn’t turn off? I reinstalled all my apps, so there was not a space issue, but that did not help.

Is there a secret setting I have to turn on?

It’s in Settings > iTunes & App Store.

Interesting. seems to be in 2 places as on my phone it is still under general Storage

After turning it on, it is only in the iTunes location you mentioned. Thanks

I hope that Apple spends some time at some point soon improving the Settings on iOS, including making sure that the search is more flexible and powerful.

Alas, I’ve seen no indication that Apple has given improving Settings any thought whatsoever since my Bad Apple article on the topic.