How to Restore the Slack Workspace Sidebar

Originally published at: How to Restore the Slack Workspace Sidebar - TidBITS

Has your Slack interface changed recently, dropping the workspace sidebar in favor of another one that replicates capabilities available in the channel sidebar? Read on for the trick necessary to bring back a permanent sidebar of your workspaces.

Who gets to be the “Stacker” space?

My question is why the second of my workspaces became a king-of-the-mountain stack, as you explain, while the other 3 workspaces have the old “let’s all be equals” mentality. So when I click into 1, 3, or 4 (their Cmd-numbers), my Slack Desktop looks like before the change. When I click on #2 Slack, I get the new ignore-everyone-else left strip. (Fortunately for me, I do most of my work in #1, so I get to see my other workspaces.)
It would be nice if we could change in Settings which workspaces become king of the mountain, and which are fine being “equals.”

The Slack redesign is rolling out slowly, so not all workspaces have gotten it yet. I have it in three of six workspaces so far.

You can drag icons in the workspace sidebar to change their order.

Apparently there’s a way to disable the new design altogether (I don’t use the Slack app so haven’t tried this):

If you're on Mac/native client, you can enable Developer Tools and do this too (thanks to /u/guitwo on the /r/Slack Reddit):
1. Close the Slack app
2. Open the terminal and run these two commands separately:
open /Applications/Slack. app
3. Slack will open with the new theme but now we have access to its console
4. Open Slack's console by pressing command + option + I
5. Run this in Slack's console:
6. Restart Slack with command + R