How to properly use iOS trackpad mode (cursor placement)

So ever since iOS 12 (or 13?) I’ve come to actually use trackpad mode a lot on my iPhone for cursor placement. Especially since they removed the little magnifying glass view making it harder to see what’s going on where your finger is.

The one thing I cannot figure out is how to use it to move the cursor further down the page. Since you invoke trackpad mode with a long press on space bar, you’re already pretty much at the bottom of the screen so you can hardly move further down. And swiping over the bottom edge of the screen just dumps you out of trackpad mode. Have any of you figured out a good way to get around this?

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I hadn’t been aware of this but confimerd it is as you stated

As soon as I had dragged the ccursor to the bottom of the edit window I was brought back to the underlying window

No solution but it inadicates to put the windwo where your starting point is at the top of hte window

I don’t know why you would be trying to position the cursor beyond the initial display area. There are better ways to grab segment for copy, delete etc

I always thought of this as a great way to have more precision for the initial placement of the cursor


No, I don’t know of a good workaround for this. Sometimes you can get the cursor at the end of the screen and it will scroll the screen as you pull down, but I can’t make that happen reproducibly.

If you had Voice Control on, you could say “scroll down” or “move to end.” Those works nicely and are an example of why it would be nice to have voice control integrated better.