How to manage bookmarks across different browsers


I have been using URL Manager for ever. It permits me to save bookmarks in a central location and find it in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.
In worked fine until High Sierra. It has hicups in Mojave and won’t work in the next iteration of OSX because it is 32 bit
What alternatives do I have. How do I save all my bookmarks in one browser and keep it synchronized with other browsers, or better still what alternative app is there
Thank you

(John Burt) #2

Not a perfect or even smooth solution but it is device and browser independent.

(Gordon Moynes) #3

You might find something that will fit your needs here:


I am a longtime, happy user of BookMacster but have not tried the other bookmark apps from this developer. Very responsive to support requests.


(Robert C Johnson) #4

I, too, used URL Manager for years, but have migrated to Pinboard and not looked back.

(James R Cutler) #5

I have been happily using BookMacster for years supporting multiple machines, versions of Safari, and Firefox. It still works fine in 10.14.2.

(jweil) #6

I bit the bullet last year and purchased Devonthink Office Pro, abet expensive. However it does it all and is a solution for paperless offices, handles bookmarks very well and works will all popular browsers. It is basically a somewhat configurable relational database that indexes and catalogues everything you put into it and takes scanes from within it using Image Capture with your scanner into a searchable PDF. Now I no longer have to deal with a half dozen different Apps that get abandoned, subscriptions or any of that other stuff. It just works and works reliably .

(David Young) #7

Agree. DEVONThink Pro is transformative, in the tradition of the best Mac software. It not only radically shifts how you work, it shifts how you think about your data, and hence how you think. Once you have a single powerful go-to store for all your information, there’s no going back to the old fragmentation. It’s not expensive, it’s great value.

(Diane D) #8

Does it use a proprietary format? I always worry about stuff being lost if the company disappears, stops updating etc.


(David Young) #9

You might find discussion here useful:

(mc38) #10

All files are stored within DTP’s package-type files, in their original format. For access, use the command “show package contents” and look for the “Files.noindex” folder, where all your original data files that were imported into DTP are stored. I agree with your concerns on data safety, so this is a big plus for me.

Anyway, DevonThink has been around for around 15 years or so now, so I think they might be stable.

(jam365) #11

@jweil - curious if you can expand on how Devonthink handles bookmarks and how you use it as part of your workflow? i understand the files/ pdfs/ image capture - though unsure how general browsing/ everyday use Devonthink would be the primary as a ‘browser’. TIA

(jweil) #12

Once bookmarks are saved in DevonThink (DT). they can be organized, tagged, sorted, etc. I keep them in a separate database. DT can handle multiple databases. Clicking on a bookmark entry opens it. They can also be searched with Spotlight.

(Diane D) #13

Can you select the browser to open them with?

Quite often I have to search for my bookmark in Safari - it doesn’t find it if I start typing it in, yet it is there.


(jweil) #14

It has its own built-in but by right clicking and choosing ‘Open With’ you can select any installed browser.

(mc38) #15

“Open with” works, but you can also add the command “Open Externally” to the toolbar so that you have a button to choose to open whatever stored file with its default program (such as Safari for bookmarks, BBedit for text files, etc.). The button name changes to show the appropriate default program i.e. “Open with BBedit”, “Open with Safari” etc.

(Ryoichi Morita) #16

There are lots of apps for storing notes and documents, such as Apple’s Notes, Keep It, Tap Forms, etc. They can also be used to store and organize URLs.

(gmm421) #17

Consider using EagleFiler from C-Command Software. I have used it daily for several years.

I put the file on DropBox, and sync across multiple macs. From the homepage: EagleFiler is a digital filing cabinet, a research assistant, snippet collector, and document organizer. You can use it to write a journal, track all the files for a project or job, manage your bookmarks, save your favorite Web articles, store financial statements and receipts, run a paperless office, plan a trip, collect your course notes, archive your e-mail correspondence, search mailing list archives, research a purchase, remember recipes to cook or books to read, store scientific papers, sort photos, gather legal case notes, or assemble a scrapbook.