How to Keep AirPods from syncing to other phone?

Looking for help…

Background: my wife has her own Apple ID, but uses my Apple ID on her phone since that appears to be the only way for us both to share the photo library with 20 years of >100,000 kid pix (this alone is worthy of a separate post…)

This creates some annoying side effects.

The one I’m asking about here is the fact that my AirPods keep connecting to her phone when we’re in the house together. She usually has to disable Bluetooth to keep from hijacking my ears.

To be clear: I still want to enjoy the feature where my AirPods move seamlessly between my iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. I just don’t want them ever pairing with her iPhone.

If she “forgets this device” on her phone, iCloud apparently syncs that to my phone and it gets forgotten there too. And I can’t find any iCloud setting to say not to sync Bluetooth peripheral pairings to other devices.

So I’m in Apple hell. Any suggestions are welcome!!

Turn off auto connect on that device.

Settings > Bluetooth > Info button for your AirPods > Connect to this iPhone > When Last Connected to This iPhone

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I saw a similar post online. But no such option exists for me. 😵‍💫

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