How to Identify Good Uses for Generative AI Chatbots and Artbots

Originally published at: How to Identify Good Uses for Generative AI Chatbots and Artbots - TidBITS

Adam Engst explores how you can use generative AI chatbots and artbots productively by helping you identify good uses such as brainstorming, programming, summarizing lengthy PDFs, and drafting difficult email messages. He also examines the utility of AI in Internet searches.


I love your “A Handful of Good Uses for AI” section. Those were great ideas that have given me more ideas.


For those (probably many) TidBits readers familiar with BBEdit, the new chat worksheets can be very useful. Of the available offerings, I use Claude mostly these days. Code review; writing thorough tests; finding good names for variables and project components, as Adam mentions; learning new programming languages. A big part of the value I get is learning from trouble-shooting the almost-correct code that the ai provides. So I do a lot of back and forth with the chatbot, and it often acknowledges and courteously apologizes when I point out its errors. I’m one of those for whom BBEdit runs continuously, and now almost every project includes a chatbot. Highly recommended!


Frankly I’d be happy if they could just get the autocorrect to correct correctly when I’m typing.


This was superb. Clear, reasonable amount of detail, obviously written by a human being (perhaps with able AI assistance) and just a wonderful summary and guidepost. I’m going to share it with my children, which could be helpful, depending, of course, on my children.

@ace If you were to recommend one “general purpose” chatbot, taking cost into account, which would lead the list?