How to: going back to the old (pre-X) Twitter iOS app

I just published my latest blog post that outlines how you can download the old (pre-X) version of the Twitter app and install it on your iPhone/iPad in a way that it will be exempt from updates.

It requires an old version of iTunes (so I did it in a Windows VM) and Charles Proxy to intercept and change the version of the download. Then—the innovation in my blog post—I outline a way to install the app so that it will not be checked for updates.

Of course, at some point the older versions will stop working, but until then I’ll enjoy the older app for as long as I can.

Let’s get the bird back on our devices!

Please ask if you have any questions!



I’ve decided to go back to an even older version: before Spaces was introduced.

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I stopped letting Twitter update a while back, when things began to get musky. I still have the bird. I plan to keep it as long as possible. Not sure how long that will be, since the induhvidual in charge has decided to disable blocking.

He can’t. It’s required by app store policies for any social network. The guy has no idea.