How To Find the Best Deal on Digital Movie Rentals

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With so many online options for digital movie rental, which service offers the best deal or the longest time to watch a film? Glenn Fleishman sorts through the options to recommend four services for different situations.

A tip which I didn’t see mentioned in the article: Google Play purchases used to show up in the Apple TV YouTube app (and probably others). Worked for purchases and rentals.

I expect it still does (just checked my iPad and previous Play purchases still show up- under library. Not near my TV to verify, right now.)

I use JustWatch iOS to check on what is available on the streaming services I subscribe to and the rental prices of the movies not on streaming.

JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows by JustWatch GmbH

That may be! I didn’t do a test purchase and Google doesn’t seem to document that behavior under where you can watch. However, since pricing and duration seem to be the same between Google Play and YouTube, it probably won’t affect most decisionmaking on rentals.

You find it’s accurate about the rental prices? Nice tip!

Only 4000 movies on Vudu. Hmmm. I have 6700 listed in my personally evaluated movies database. It’s a hobby. I started the list so I did not watch duds twice.

Yeah, it’s just handy to know that there is a route to easy watching Google Play on Apple TV

(I don’t think I even knew you could rent via the YouTube route! I guess that suggests it is actually the same platform behind the branding. Unusual for Google to have unified! :grinning:)

I am cheap and I like old movies so I record a lot off of Turner and my local library has a great selection, both on line and on DVD/Blue-ray. Love channels like Grit TV.

I find JustWatch Mainly accurate. There’s been a few goofs. I use JustWatch, but verify the prices before the purchase.

You can also use Movies Anywhere to make movies purchased elsewhere available in iTunes.

I presume Movies Anywhere is US only, and nowhere else?
Also, if you link old purchases made from outside iTunes, will they be automatically be available in 4K, as per native iTunes purchases are?

If so, that could make those who can use the service’s life very much easier. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Yes, US only: