How to download Apple Music songs to iPhone

This should be obvious but it’s causing problems and I need help.
I have hundreds of music albums in my Music app on my Mac mini running the current release of Ventura. I subscribe to iTunes Match. I used to be able to download selected songs and albums to the Music app on my iPhone for offline listening. At some point, probably when I migrated from a 2014 iMac 27" under Big Sur to the Mac mini and Ventura, this ceased to be the case. I can access all the albums when the Mac and iPhone are on the same wifi network. The iPhone Music app shows “Home Sharing” but there is no option to download anywhere I can find. The iPhone is a 12m running current software. Sync library is checked on the Music app on the Mac.
What am I doing wrong?

Resolved. Basically had to reinstall all my music, and manually add most artwork as Apple did a poor job of finding album covers.