How to display all Mac font typefaces?

Hi all,

I’m putting together a brochure for a family member and want her to tell me which font(s) she’d like me to use. Is there a website that lists and displays all of the installed Sonoma OS fonts so she can see and choose those she wants? Sadly, she’s on a PC and doesn’t have access to Font Book. I’ve found lists of them, but that doesn’t do her any good since she can’t see what they actually look like? I’ve looked around the internet but haven’t found such a list.


If she has access to a Mac, Font will do the trick.

She’s on a PC, sadly.

You can use Font Book on your Mac to print a sample of each font to a PDF file, and then forward the PDF to your family member.

Quick summary: choose the font collection you wish in the Font Book sidebar, then select the fonts you wish to sample in the main pane of the window. (You can select all of your fonts, though that may be much more than you want.) Hit “Print”, choose an option (like “Catalog”) and then select “PDF” from the bottom of the print window.


That’s a really great idea! Thank you! :) :grinning:

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