How to determine MBA Bluetooth version

I’ve read that Apple made a silent upgrade (before the 15-inch MBA was announced) on the 13-inch M2 MBA from Bluetooth 5.0 to 5.3. Is there any way to determine which version mine has? Accessing System Info → Bluetooth wasn’t helpful although I suspect linking the BCM_4387 chipset with the firmware version 20.5.529.8128 would break the code. Mine was purchased from Apple in early May.

Try long-pressing OPTION key while you select Bluetooth in the menu. It denotes some type of ‘version.’ Hope this helps. Best.

Thanks, but that’s the firmware version I mentioned in the OP. It’s either 5.0 or 5.3, I’m just trying to figure out which.

Someone on Ars Technica pointed me to an article on MacRumors that says “All new Mac, iPhone, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch models released since September 2022 support Bluetooth 5.3, as do the second-generation AirPods Pro.”

But I can’t find Apple verification of that Sept 2022 date and I’m still looking for a way to determine which Bluetooth version is on a 13-inch MBA purchased right around that (supposed) switchover date.

Good question.

On some Macs (Intel only, perhaps?) you can go to the System Information app and look up the Bluetooth LMP version, which can be translated to the Bluetooth version. There is no entry for the LMP version on my M1 Mac.

I wonder if the list of “Supported services” in the System Information Bluetooth section might indirectly indicate the answer. It really seems like there should be some simple command to provide an answer.

The M2 MacBook Air started being available on 15 July 2022 but according to that MacRumors article, Apple didn’t update the MBA to Bluetooth 5.3 until September 2022.

Would be helpful if there’s a way to determine which Bluetooth version each laptop has. I still suspect it’s tied to the chipset version (BCM_4387) and the firmware version. But Apple sure is keeping it a secret.