How to cycle through all open windows?

I’m looking for a little app that allows me to essentially cycle through all open windows like cmd-tab does for apps. Or like cmd-` but across all apps. Obviously, Exposé already provides this, but it’s geared towards mouse use. I’m looking for something where I can leave my hands on the KB. Any good suggestions?


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Thanks for this! I am now looking at Witch… and seeing some other cool utilities by this developer. :+1:t4:

Thank you, I’ll definitely take it for a spin.

Does look very fancy though, lost of customization options. Anybody know of something really simple, kind of a one-trick pony?

Three things strike me as a bit odd with Witch.

  1. It seems to want permission to do a lot of stuff on my Mac. Why for example should it be allowed to record my screen?

  2. I cannot seem to get it to display small window previews, just (large) names. Am I doing it wrong?

  3. I cannot find an option (despite countless others being offered) to not list hidden apps. Am I doing it wrong?

Could these two be related?

Maybe it’s using the screen recording API to capture the window thumbnail images?

It is a shame that Mission Control cannot select open windows/apps with the keyboard. Why something that is activated by the keyboard cannot be operated by it is disappointing.

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