How to Create Mojave’s True Dynamic Desktops with GraphicConverter

(Adam Engst) #1

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Want to create your own Mojave-style dynamic desktops? All you need is 16 appropriate images and GraphicConverter 10.6.5 running in macOS 10.14 Mojave.

(mpainesyd) #2

Great that Thorsten is still swiftly supporting GraphicConverter. I have been using his software since the early days of OSX and he has quickly acted on bug fixes and requests for enhancements.
I will try out your tips when I eventually install Mojave.

Many years ago I wrote an Applescript to take a screen snapshot and open it with GC (see tip 2). It is one of my most frequently used utilities (I keep the Applescript app in the Dock)

(B. Jefferson Le Blanc) #3

I can imagine some enterprising photographers building some dynamic desktop collections in the not-to-distant future. Given the work required, however, I doubt they will be free, as many static desktop pictures are today.

The fact that these images are HEIC explains why I cannot open them in my current OS, Sierra. Thanks for the info.

(paulori) #4

Have tried to do this. Simply duplicated a picture and used GC to decrease the brightness in steps of 10. However, when I go to save it as a dynamic desktop GC crashes. Yes I’ll be letting him know.