How to Create Mojave’s True Dynamic Desktops with GraphicConverter

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Want to create your own Mojave-style dynamic desktops? All you need is 16 appropriate images and GraphicConverter 10.6.5 running in macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Great that Thorsten is still swiftly supporting GraphicConverter. I have been using his software since the early days of OSX and he has quickly acted on bug fixes and requests for enhancements.
I will try out your tips when I eventually install Mojave.

Many years ago I wrote an Applescript to take a screen snapshot and open it with GC (see tip 2). It is one of my most frequently used utilities (I keep the Applescript app in the Dock)

I can imagine some enterprising photographers building some dynamic desktop collections in the not-to-distant future. Given the work required, however, I doubt they will be free, as many static desktop pictures are today.

The fact that these images are HEIC explains why I cannot open them in my current OS, Sierra. Thanks for the info.

Have tried to do this. Simply duplicated a picture and used GC to decrease the brightness in steps of 10. However, when I go to save it as a dynamic desktop GC crashes. Yes I’ll be letting him know.