How to connect iPhone directly via ethernet for large downloads

I purchased a number of teaching company videos, university courses split into 30 mn videos. Typically a course can be 24-36 30 mn videos. iPhone Wifi download is very tedious.
Streaming videos is too expensive for my budget.
The only way to view them is to download them into my iPhone first.
My iPhone 8 Plus has a lightning connector.
Is there any way that I could connect my iPhone directly to my Netgear Orbi Hub via an Ethernet cable?
What kind of hardware would I need and how do I get my phone to see and connect via the Hub. In the phone settings, Internet seems limited to WiFi.
thanks very much for your time and help

One of these will work:

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An Ethernet Lightning adapter will physically connect your iPhone to your home router but downloads may not be faster. Unless you’re paying your ISP for 100Mbit networking or better, the iPhone’s WiFi is not what is limiting download time. The company hosting the videos may not allow the videos to download any faster.

If you have the option to do so, it would probably would be less tedious (but not necessarily faster) to download the videos to a computer then transfer them to the iPhone.


Thank you so much Doug !
Have a nice weekend

thank you very much for your suggestion.
I was going to buy the Ethernet adapter and noticed in the specs that the device maximum was only 480 Mb/s which if I am not mistaken is in the wifi range.
You have a very good suggestion. In fact I did download the videos from the teaching company web site into my computer but got stuck at how to actually get them into the iPhone app which has a section called downloaded videos and tracks progression by the user (essential in my opinion).
I looked at ‘Files’ in my iPhone and cannot see a teaching company folder.
If I have the files in my computer, what would be the procedure to transfer into the right folder in my iPhone ?
thanks very much !

A limit of 480Mbit/s indicates the Ethernet adapter presents as a USB 2.0 device, that may be a limit for any device connected to the iPhone. 802.11ac WiFi (aka “WiFi 5”), what the iPhone 8 has, has a theoretical limit far above 480Mbit/s but in practice you’ll never see speed anywhere near the limit. 320Mbit/s is a more realistic expectation for iPhone WiFi speed under ideal conditions.

Your original message didn’t mention the course videos were within an iPhone app for the course. With the iPhone connected to iTunes on your computer, go into the phone’s File Sharing settings. Unless the course app is listed there, I don’t think there will be a way to get the videos into the app so it can track your progression. You could try contacting the teaching company.

If all you want is a video player that remembers where you paused a video (“resume playback”), I don’t know if iOS’s built-in players will do that for local video files but other apps like VLC can.

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Your information about the speed limit is very interesting and useful.
I apologize for not formulating my question correctly.
I should have mentioned that the videos are contained within the app. Using them outside the app is an idea I will look into.
If I retrace my steps, I now remember and forgot to mention that my first reflex was to go the iTunes route, but the app is not listed in the iPhone’s File Sharing settings.
Thanks again (and again) for your most kind and helpful suggestions !