How much time needed for a Ventura upgrade?

I’ve got an 27" iMac from 2019 with 16GB memory and a 2TB SSD disk running Monteray 12.6.2 . Planning to do the Ventura upgrade and was wondering how long the upgrade could take. Just want a ball park idea – i.e. 2 hours or 10 hours. Anyone with experience care to share how long their upgrade took?

For me IIRC it was no more than 2 hours. And that was including the time to download the installer. 2019 Intel iMac with 16 GB/1 TB SSD.

Different machine (MBP M1 Pro), but the same initial OS. IIRC, it was more like one hour; certainly not more than two.

Update times are known to be widely different depending on the platform, so only someone with an identical setup to yours is going to be able to give you a reasonable answer.

I’ve done 6 or more and the time was 1 to 2 hours. Most of these were M1 MacBook Pros but one was an Intel MBPro with touch bar.



PS: No stop watches were fondled in the above processes.

Just to add to this, it also took the same time on two machines using Open Core Patcher that are older than that system - a 2015 MacBook Air with 8 GB (a wipe and fresh install over Monterey), and a 2014 Mac Mini with 16 GB (install to upgrade Mojave). Both machine have SSDs.

Just did my Ventura upgrade. Very pleasantly surprised to have the update take under two hours including making a SuperDuper backup. Thanks to all who replied with their numbers.