How I Learned To Love Quicken Deluxe and Give Up on the Past

I’m loving SEE Finance 2 now, having converted from Quicken 2007 just over a year ago. If you have any challenges feel free to reach out.

I used See for the last year and I was able to get Chase credit card downloads through the app. When I get home I’ll let you know how I set it up.

I can download and import easily enough, I was just hoping they’d download from within SEE, and Chase claims they don’t allow that at all.


That would be great! I am using it on my laptop. I contacted Chase and they said no way, so I’ve been downloading from Chase and importing into SEE.


Just set it up and try to connect with your online user account and password. You will get an error message; see this page from SEE’s online help, which tells how you can log in to the Chase online account, go to the secure message center, and tell Chase to allow that connection to your account. After doing that, the download should work fine in the SEE finance app.

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Good grief! That would have saved me so much time if they told me that when I asked.



Glenn, how did you easily move your converted data file from the Mini to your M1 machine? I’m struggling to get mine from my old 2012 MBP to my new one.

There was a whole deal with the format—I unfortunately can’t remember the solution and I didn’t link to the answer in the article. You might try mounting the old MBP as a network volume and accessing the file that way for import?

I move my Q2007 data files around by Compressing them in the Finder and moving the resulting .zip file. (And then Uncompressing on the destination machine)

Didn’t work for me in moving from HFS+ to APFS.

Could you create an HFS+ disk image on the new APFS Mac and drag the zip file there (and then uncompress)?

That is brilliant. I didn’t try that! In the end, I was able to do the import on an older system and then copy the Quicken 202* file to my modern Mac.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’ll give them a try this weekend.

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So, I am making the move to Quicken Mac 2022 (Version 6.5.3). I moved my Quicken 2007 transactions over easily enough, but:

In checking transactions: where is the Memo comments I have entered and how do I enter them for the future? Yes, of course, there are Categories.

I see them coming over in my Credit Cards.

These are very important for me.

In Checking > View > Columns do you have Memo/Notes checked?

Thank you for pointing out how to provide for Memo/Notes, after the fact. Remember this is a complete conversion of my existing file from Quicken Mac 2007, and interestingly, the only account that brought over its Memos is my Citi Costco Visa. American Express and another Citi Mastercard and my checking and saving accounts do not have Memo checked and hence have lost my notes in the translation.

Is there a way to do the translation all over again and be sure I get all my Memos?

NOTE: I never used automatic online access for my credit cards/bank accounts. That is, because of my security concerns, I would always go to the credit card/bank website and download a QIF file and then manually import that into every account on a monthly basis.

I do, hoever, have an American Express card that I will be cancelling next week, so in this Quicken 2022, I did link it to its online account and it was nice to see it update automatically.

I do not think this has any relevance to the missing Memos but I wanted to bring it up.

UPDATE: Memo/Notes checked after the fact does indeed bring up my pre-conversion comments – Thank you!

ALSO: Where is my new Quicken 2022 data file saved? I do not find it next to my old Quicken 2007 file that I imported.

And how do I change its location?

My migration path was Quicken 2007 to Quicken Essentials, then 2015/2017/2018/2020/2022, so things might have been different for me, but my Memo/Notes came through for all accounts, back to January 1, 1993.

Also, as far as I know, the fact that some accounts did not have Memo/Notes checked when you upgraded should not have mattered – those View options just change which data are displayed, not the database itself.

What happens if you check Memo/Notes for the affected accounts now?

I should have made a new post; instead of doing an UPDATE; thank you!

The QuickenAccount file is stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Quicken/Documents.

I’m not sure if there is anything wrong with moving it, but just to make sure, and since I almost never have a reason to access it directly, I leave it there.