How far can I run USB-C with or without a powered hub?

How far can I run usb-c w/ or w/o powered hub? I need to setup my computer about 10 feet from my mixer in my studio. I have a powered hub at the mixer and now I need to move the computer about 10 feet away. Do I need another powered hub at the computer as well as. powered hub at the mixer? Thanks for any and all comments and suggestions.

10 feet is not a problem if you have the right cable. That usually depends on how much wattage you need transport (eg. powering a small drive vs. charging a 16" MBP) and if you also need fast data across the same cable.

This $17 cable will not only do 100W over 10 feet, it also supports up to 20 Gbps data transfer (3.2 Gen 2).


It depends on the speed you require, how precise your timing requirements are, and how much you want to spend.


Important points:

  • USB 1.x is limited to 3m
  • USB 2.0 is limited to 5m
  • Later versions of the spec don’t give an actual limit, but specify various signal quality parameters. So any cable that meets the parameters can be certified, without regard to length.

That having been said, a basic passive USB-C cable will likely have the following length limits, depending on the speed of your data:

  • USB 2 (up to 480 Mbps) - 5m
  • USB 3 (up to 5Mbps) - 4m
  • USB 3 (up to 10 Mbps) - 2-3m
  • USB 3 (up to 20 Mbps) - 1m
  • USB 3 (up to 40 Mbps) - less than 1m

But you can also get active or optical cables, which will work over much longer distances. But they will cost more.


Thanks, David.

I appreciate you responding to my question. I will take your information into consideration when I get ready to rearrange my studio.

I have one powered USB hub feeding another one 12ft away with various scanners/printers/backup drives. For a stable connection the quality of the cable was key.