How do you turn off those annoying "xx minutes to home" alerts on Apple Watch?!?

It seems this issue crops back up with each new major update to watchOS, but I can never remember how to turn it off! It’s not in Notifications->Maps, which seems like where it should be.

I live in a rural area, and just don’t need alerts like that at all…

Anyone have a clue??

It looks like it’s related to the Frequent (renamed Significant) Location features of Location Services in IOS. The iPhone determines locations you visit frequently and, depending on certain parameters (current location, day of the week, time of day, etc.), guesses that you may be going to one of them.

You can shut it off through your iPhone settings. Settings>Privacy & Security>Location Services>System Services (at the bottom)>Significant (or Frequent) Locations>Toggle

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One thing to be aware of is if you use optimized charging on your iPhone, you’ll want significant locations turned on.

I’ve never seen those notifications on my watch, so I wish I had an answer other than that. I wonder, though, if turning off (on the iPhone) settings / notifications / Siri suggestions would fix that?

Thanks guys, that helps a bunch. It seems I have to go back in and turn off Significant Locations with every major update then. And no, I’m not worried about it affecting the “optimized charging” feature. In fact, after reading on the link that @ddmiller shared, since I own and 15 Pro, I just went ahead and swtched it to the max 80% setting.

I’ll report back when I confirm that this fixed the issue…

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