How do you recognize a tune stuck in your head?

Siri, SoundHound, and Shazam all can’t figure out any tunes I whistle. Despite being a pretty talented whistler, I cannot get any of these services to recognize even very well known melodies (not even such well known examples such as a few themes from The Nutcracker). And I could swear many years ago this still worked just fine using something like SoundHound. What happened?

Have you guys had any success in getting one of these apps to recognize a melody? And perhaps better than an “app”, any websites that do this successfully and without too much fuss?

Thanks, but it can’t be a Google app.

I’ve come across, but neither Firefox nor Safari can actually make use of it here. At first I thought it was related to security settings for microphone use, but even with both browsers confirmed to have microphone access (on a Sonoma MBP), the website cannot reeally listen. The microphone indicator in the menu bar lights up for just a fraction of a second and then the page seems to reload. :frowning: