How do you initialize an iPad if you can’t connect to a network

For a couple of years, I have had this old iPad around the house that won’t let me turn on the WiFi. Because of that, I couldn’t reset it and erase the contents. I couldn’t even log out of my iCloud account.

After laying around in a drawer for a couple of years, I finally took my phone’s SIM card, puit into the iPad, and erased it. Fortunately, I had spent the extra money on the SIM model. (With the iPad asking me if I’d like to let the updates finish before I erased it).

But, what would have happened if I had a WiFi only model. How do you erase an iPad or iPhone if you can’t connect it to the iCloud network or turn off Find My?

You can plug it into a Mac or PC via a USB cable and use the “restore” button in Finder or iTunes.

You need to authenticate the connection with the device’s unlock code, but I think that should be enough.

I tried that, but it first told me there was no backup, so I backed it up, then it refused to “restore” my iPad.

You should be able to do it by putting the iPad into Recovery mode and connecting to the computer. See If you forgot the passcode on your iPad, or your iPad is disabled - Apple Support

I have a somewhat different problem. I have an iPad whose screen will not respond to a touch at all. I did the reset; no change. I have an external keyboard, so I could enter my passcode after restarting and see all the same apps were running, but the screen is absolutely unresponsive. I connected the iPad to a Mac, but I need to tell the iPad to trust the Mac, and the default (which I get if I press Return on the external keyboard) is Don’t Trust.

In case it matters, it’s an iPad Air 2 with a SIM installed but with cellular turned off and wi-fi turned on. Also, I do have a backup on the Mac, so I was surprised that I need to tell the iPad to trust the Mac, but I do. Any help?

Try using the TAB key to put focus on the proper button and use the SPACE BAR to activate it.

Thanks. I had already tried tabbing, but I hadn’t heard of using the space bar to activate a focus element.

But it didn’t work. I fear the iPad is dead but doesn’t know it.