How do you drain an iPhone battery for testing?

On the Mac in terminal you can type yes > /dev/null in multiple terminal windows to drain the battery for testing. How do you do this on the iPhone? I have the LibTerm app but it says yes: command not found. Any other way?

Run a video on Youtube?

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Run any power-hungry app. Modern action games are a good choice - they draw a lot of power (and will make your phone get quite warm as a result).

Playing videos (as @rogerd.parish wrote), will also work, but it may take longer, since iPhones have specialized hardware for video decoding.

Accoding to PC Magazine social media and dating apps are the biggest battery-drainers. But since they are also likely to be spyware (let’s face it, Facebook’s entire business model is based on spyware), I wouldn’t install them just for this purpose. But if you have one of them installed already, go run them until the battery dies.

anything you can do from the terminal?