How do you copy text in a hyperlink w/o selecting it?

Simple GUI problem. There must be a smarter way to fix this than my kludge.

So, you want to copy a bit of text that’s on a website but it’s also (party of) a hyperlink. How do you copy that text without selecting the hyperlink? There must be some smarter way than trying to click to the left/right/above/below and dragging in the hopes of selecting the right stuff and then trimming off the excess junk after paste.

GUI wizards, please enlighten me.

In Safari, this works for me: right click the link - this selects the link text, along with opening a menu, from where I can choose Copy.


This doesn’t involve subtle selecting, but is also a bit of a kludge:

  1. Right-click the hyperlink and select ‘Copy Link’

  2. in the TextEdit app, create a new document and Paste the copied link.

  3. Select the copied link, right-click it, and select ‘Remove Link’ from the menu.

  4. Now select the text you want, and close TextEdit without saving the document.

I use the “Paste and Match Style”, or “Option-Shift-Command-V”, pasting into an email, or some other text program.

I just tried using my “Paste and Match Style” in TextEdit, and that works too, with less steps. Since I have the keyboard command memorized, it’s quick…

Thank you, @ashley. That works and it’s as simple as you could want.

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Great! Very pleased I could help :slight_smile: … I very much appreciate this forum.


Thanks for this. I’ve always seen Copy Link, but now testing your approach, lower down I saw Copy Link Title. That did it! (Safari 15.0 on Big Sur 11.6).

The No Formatting app for Macs has useful features that may help:
I use it to avoid pasting hyperlinks.

In Firefox, I have the “Link Text and Location Copier” add-on to enable copying the text (all, however, not part) of a link.