How do I prevent an automatic system update?

OK, so I’ve finally completed my system upgrade to Mojave – thanks to all who helped here.

I don’t want to update any farther. A couple of times I’ve been prompted to do so by what I assume is an auto update function. Can this be disabled? Or is it possible to throw a couple of hurdles in the process? I’d just had to accidentally click the wrong button and end up with a new system that’s going wreak havoc on my setup.

Only Enterprise IT’s are able to temporarily delay the notifications on Macs they control for a short period, so no, you’ll have to ignore those and train yourself not to click on the wrong button. Pay particular attention to the “more…” buttons (especially the bottom one that will appear occasionally) that appear in Software Update and uncheck any updates you don’t want.

Ha, that’s my entire life, clicking the wrong button! You’d think Apple might want to save people like me from my own idiocy. But thanks, I appreciate the information.