How do I delete a profile?

I accidentally created two, never use one of them (this one). I accidentally logged in with the wrong one just now and I cannot get rid of it to log in with the one I actually use. How do I kill this thing?

You can only delete it from outside the profile, assuming that you mean a standard account on your Mac. To get rid of it, log out, log back in as the one you want to keep, then go into System Preferences, Users and Groups… find the one you do not want, click it and then you can hit the - to delete it.



Sorry about the confusion. I meant a Tidbits user profile. I can now only log in and log out of the one I never use. I’d like to get rid of it and get my primary one back.

I managed to escape from the login trap by going into my Firefox security settings again and modifying some things. I would still like for the mistake profile to disappear from Tidbits forever, but lots of searching last night yielded no clear way to do that.

@lauri.reinhardt will have to do that for you. Please write to with all the relevant details and she can fix it up for you.

Thanks. I’m not sure how the Doppelgãnger got created, as it must have been a while ago. But both appeared as saved logins in Firefox when I was setting up this new Mac, and I clicked on the wrong one. I have gotten rid of the extraneous login, and that change will carry over to other computers, thanks to Firefox Sync.