How can I tell what identifier a caller used to call me?

I have more than one email address and (of course) a phone number, any of which a caller could use to call me. When I get a FaceTime call on an iPhone, how can I tell what identifier the caller called?

Same question, but on a Mac (on the same Wi-Fi network as the iPhone). I don’t even see a Recents list in FaceTime.

When I open FaceTime on my Mac, I see a Recents list as a sidebar to the video image. The list shows all folks who tried to reach me either via FaceTime or by calling on the iPhone and detected on the Mac via Handoff. There is no indication whether they were audio or video calls and what ID on mine they attempted to reach.

Alternatively, I can change the the list to show only missed calls, but I don’t see a way to keep the list from appearing.

I thought I had seen that in the past, but today I only have the video window. However, the Mac is a MacBook Air with an external monitor and the clamshell closed; would that make a difference? (And if so, why? It still rings when someone calls.)

[Edit. I did see a Recents sidebar when using the MacBook Air without an external monitor.]

Also, the Clear All Recents command is gray, so maybe FaceTime believes there are no recent calls, and that’s why I don’t have the sidebar. (There are recent calls, and I didn’t clear them, but I recognize that cosmic rays do strange things.)

It does seem like a strange omission that I cannot tell which identifier received a call.