How can I tell Siri on macOS High Sierra to open documents?

I am trying Siri on my iMac 5K, macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65). Since I’ve been with Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger until a few months ago, this Siri thing is completely new to me…

In Finder, I open a folder and select a file in it. Then I call up Siri, and try:

Open the selected file
Select menu Open
Select menu item Open from the File menu
Press command O

None works. (‘Double-click’ returns info on some music title “Doubleclick”.) I further try:

Tell Finder to open the current selection
Open current selection
Open the file named wwz

(“wwz” is the name of the selected document (text) file. Siri answers that it couldn’t find a folder named “wwz”, but I said “file”, not “folder”!) It looks like Siri can only open apps or folders, but not documents. Why is that? (Security reasons, perhaps?)

I would be really happy if Siri can call any AppleScript script, or Keyboard Maestro macro. That way, I could run any macro/script without touching the keyboard. (Okay, I need to press option-Z to call up Siri, but that I can press with just one finger (left hand’s fifth finger, that’s not greasy even while I’m eating something.))

So, how can I tell Siri on the Mac to run a macro/script? I’ve consulted and, but they were of no help.

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Doing things on the Mac isn’t a Siri thing, but a Dictation/Accessibility thing.

Go to System Preferences / Keyboard / Dictation and turn it on. Check ‘Use Enhanced Dictation’ if it isn’t and let it download the stuff.

Switch to Accessibility / Dictation. Select ‘Dictation Commands…’. Turn on ‘Enable advanced commands’. Scroll through the list of commands past the editing stuff, and you’ll find sections for System, Applications, and Documents. ‘Open document’ is there by default. If you don’t see what you want there, you can add your own, including Workflows for specific applications.

Now select ‘Enable the dictation keyword phrase’ and tell it the phrase you want to use to start a command.

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