How can I add a widget to the smart stack in WatchOS 10?

Whoo hoo! I have a “new” Watch, Series 4! :slight_smile:

My friend in the U.S. upgraded to Series 9 and sent me this one. And it’s still under monthly warranty! I’ll write more about that later.

I basically love it. The display is much nicer. And it supports the latest WatchOS 10.2! My old Series 2 only went as far as WatchOS 6. So I’m learning some more stuff.

My question, though, is about the Smart Stack.

I tried adding Reminders to the Smart Stack by following the instructions here: Use the Smart Stack to show timely widgets on Apple Watch - Apple Support

But, when I then opened the Smart Stack the Reminders widget wasn’t there.

Any idea why?

It’s a smart stack of widgets. It will show if you have any due or overdue reminders. (That’s the “smart” part. I’m not sure it’s as smart as it could be.)

There are instructions, though, for adding widgets. And when I follow them I can see and select the available widgets. But they don’t show up when I view the smart stack.

Do you have overdue reminders? Or any due today? Then, I think, the widget appears. That’s what makes it smart ZZ it doesn’t show if there is nothing to show you - you have no reminders to check off. I don’t use reminders on my watch myself, or want to have it in my widgets, so I can’t tell you for sure. But thats the way the old Siri watch face worked - things showed up only when they were relevant. Same with Smart Stack of widgets on the iPhone, at least in my experience of those.

Does it help if you pin the Reminders widget? (That kind of defeats the purpose of Smart Stack though; like @ddmiller said, Smart Stack tries to show widgets that are timely and relevant, so Reminders may not show up when there is nothing to show.)