Hosting reccomendation

MCH does both. But all of my domains are with Hover.
Yes, iWeb is obsolete, but she knows how to use it until I rebuild her site using Blocs.
I finally escaped Adobe and Dreamweaver and have been living the highlife using Blocs.
Great tool, no subscriptions, can build right from the start without having to buy extras…lots of help in the forums…very happy with this app.

I can end with MCH pretty damn fast. Just move my site to PAIR and repoint. I could do that tomorrow and just walk away from MCH. Which I am very tempted to do.


Many years ago I used iWeb to create numerous pages on Apple’s Mobile Me hosting service. When that service ceased I simply moved the pages to a new host and i still use iWeb for occasional updates.
iWeb has many clever features but the HTML that it creates is not easily ported to another webpage editor so converting to another app is not really an option. Another limitation of iWeb is that it is 32 bit and so won’t run under Catalina+.
So the dinosaurs live on (as birds) :slight_smile:

I never used it, but my wife did. We will move away, but need to use it for now. Waiting for a contact from PAIR. All I want to know is can she use it to upload her files?


Not sure if this will help you but…

iWeb works on a local file that is effectively encrypted. It used to “publish” the newly created or edited web pages directly to Mobile Me. However it can also publish the pages to a local folder. This is how I now use it:

  • Edit web pages with iWeb
  • “Publish” to a local folder (the resulting files are HTML)
  • Use an FTP app (e.g. Transmit) to copy the updated webpage files to the host server
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iWeb should also allow you to publish/upload directly to an ftp server. It’s been years since I used it, but this is what I did.


Since I am not familiar with the app, this is a tremendous amount of help.
Thank you!