Hosting reccomendation

Can somebody give me an RX for an inexpensive hosting plan for one domain (already have and registered) and an email account- not too much storage needed. I’m with Machighway now and it is awful with almost no useful tech support.
Thanks a lot.

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I’ve been very happy with Kualo over many years. Their basic plan sounds like it would work for you, and it’s $9/month or $90/year (or £5/month or £50/year in the UK). Tech support is excellent and quick.

We’ve been happy with Pair for over 20 years. We chose them because we got good recommendations, and we used them at a company I was working with. The staff has been prompt and helpful when needed, and we haven’t gotten hit with any big rate hikes. The cheapest plan, which we have, is $5.95 per month. We’ve recommended it to others, and we’ve never heard any complaints. And when having to deal with any issues, we never felt we were getting the short shrift because we’re cheapo customers.

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I like Host Gator. They have a intro plan of $2.75 a month.
If you ever need support, they are awesome. It’s 24/7. I know I’ve called on Christmas day one year and got great support.

I second - I have been a (mostly-nobody is perfect) happy client for nearly 20 years, their customer service has been stellar every time I’ve needed it.

I use It is OK for my basic needs and support has been good. The user interface for maintaining my sites is a little clunky but I rarely have to use it (I use Transmit to update web pages).
I actually started with a different host (Host Excellence) but they sold the business to Site5 a few years ago and I decided to stay with them.
BTW - I switched to Host Excellence when Apple discontinued Mobile Me web hosting, although most of my web pages at the time were on an older service provided by my original ISP in 1997. I have now moved everything to Site5 and have a domain ( so I have some flexibility if I have to switch again.

Just started to use a week ago. Prices start at zero, so you may find what you want. I have had extremely good support.

Do any of these aforementioned services support “catchall“ mailboxes? We own our own domain, ORDINARY.COM, and we have made up different email addresses specific to where we are leaving them for future use. It enables us to detect spam very easily.

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Pair does:

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I’ll third I’ve been using their basic hosting for over 20 years as well, and the price hasn’t gone up once. The few times I’ve had to contact tech support they’ve been prompt and helpful.

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You didn’t say how much you are willing to spend…that being said, remember that you get what you pay for in terms of support. I have used for many years and am extremely satisfied with them. Check their site for prices as they have various tiered plans available. Was initially attracted to them because the owner was a Mac user! Whenever I’ve had an issue, they have always solved it in a few minutes via online chat. Highly recommended.

Ditto here on MacHighway which has become worse than terrible. No way to contact for any support. I have used Dreamhost with excellent service and support. I dropped MacHighway after many years of progressively poorer and poorer service.

Another vote for Pair.
Can’t remember how long I’ve used them for several domains (mine and customers). About a year ago I moved my email and I’ve had no problems. The few times I’ve needed support they’ve been quick and helpful.

Thanks a lot folks. I’ll weigh the diff. between Pair and HostingMonster.

Thanks a lot Betty.

Yes it has been awful. They locked me out of my domain email and said I had 24 hours to get my email client online. No problem except their settings don’t work. Everything was going fine till 9/3 then no email - web mail doesn’t even - work. I gotta go the server network cpanel to see the email. They won’t take phone calls because of Covid and the Chat is never on. When it was on while I was chatting- It suddenly went offline and never came back on. I spent hours trying to get this fixed. They won’t call me either. So if any of you folks have Machighway- spend the time and transfer to another Host.

Even worse for me - they blocked my IP address so there was no way to even contact them. No phone, no chat, no response to my emails. I finally had my card block their charges. Sad what happened to them.

I’ve been reading this with great interest as I need to switch as well.

I’ve been using HostingCheck (previously nomonthlyfees) since 1999. This is another for the “don’t recommend” list.

I think it is run by one guy. I continually have incoming emails that just vanish. I now have an account where I don’t think they vanish, but they may take 12 hours to show up in the account. Email goes up and down frequently. All my domains bounce random emails. It’s just “always something”.

The true benefit is that they are inexpensive. I am grandfathered at $70/year and they don’t even offer yearly plans anymore but I am limited to 600mb which seems pretty small in todays IMAP world.

I see many recommend Pair and I’m ready to make the leap.

Can anyone tell me if the plans that have been recommended this week use Google for mail relay? I was told that for rock solid email, I needed to used Google email apps for an additional $5/month per email address (5 years ago) and that would route everything through google servers.

I don’t want to use anything Google or Microsoft (Outlook/Exchange)

My move is doubly important as they recently ran fiber in my area and I need to move my Comcast emails somewhere where I’ll actually get them to prepare for losing that account. I’ve been moving correspondence TO Comcast so I didn’t lose it but now I’ve got to change all that.



Maybe Yahoo. I’ve been with them since1999- through thick and thin -they never let down.
Even through all of their takeovers. You really do have to change. Bit the bullet and set aside time to do it. I am- maybe today.