Horizontal line on the Lock screen on an iOS 12 iPad

After upgrading to iOS 12 on my iPad Pro 10.5…I’ve got a horizontal line just under the wifi and battery indicator…tapping on it shows two small icons that look like the on/off switches in System Settings.

What the heck is this?

On the lock screen, the faint bar is a subtle hint of the location to swipe down to open Control Center. No idea what small icons you are seeing.

It’s part of the Xification of IOS and a sign that next iPad will not have a Home button. By the way, depending on what buttons you have enabled in the control center, you might not want it openable from a locked iPad. You don’t disable that in the Control Center preference setting; you do it in the TouchID and Passcode setting.

Yeah…I guess the subtle hint for control center is a good thing…but I’m still baffled about the little switch looking things. They’re not always there and aren’t always in the same left/right position for the ‘knob’ on the switch. I haven’t figured out what action (or inaction) on my part) makes the switches appear or not and which way they’re positioned.

I believe that the switches are just a further hint that tapping there will pull down control center. As far as I can tell they are not active switches. They appear after a while when the lock screen is showing (for me after I have rested my finger on the TouchID sensor, as I have control center turned off unless the iPad is unlocked.)

Yeah…they’re definitely not active/selectable as they show up…but sometimes they are there, sometimes not, and IIRC the positions of them change from occurrence to occurrent with no apparent rhyme or reason as to when they appear, when they disappear, or when the positions change…although I might be misremembering the position changing.