HomePod stutters or stops

(Nigel Smith) #1

I recently purchased a Homepod and an iPod Touch to set it up and direct audio to it using Airplay. This worked really well for the first two or three weeks. But now it intermittently stops or sometimes hesitates. Has anyone else experienced this and found a permanent solution? I have searched a little on the Net and there does seem to be similar reports and I have reset my Touch, my WiFi and my Homepod but this does not fix the problem.

(Adam Engst) #2

Are you using iOS 11.4 on the iPod touch? That would theoretically enable AirPlay 2, which is supposed to be better at avoiding stuttering than AirPlay 1, which is all you’d get if you were using a version of iOS before 11.3.

Also, I’d imagine that even AirPlay 2 might have problems if your network doesn’t have very good coverage.

Finally, why are you playing audio from the iPod touch through the HomePod via AirPlay? Although that should work, the HomePod is really designed to play from Apple Music directly.

(Nigel Smith) #3

Yes, I am using 11.4 on the iPod touch. Will check and see if I can tell if it is using AirPlay 2.

(Nigel Smith) #4

I am actually using Spotify but I have seen similar reports with Apple Music and I guess the thing that I don’t understand is it worked well for the first couple of weeks.

(Adam Engst) #5

That’s partly why I mentioned the issue with your Wi-Fi network. It might be worth rebooting your router and all the devices (power cycle them) and see if that helps. But yes, if you’re using Spotify, it can’t work directly on the HomePod so you’ll need to do AirPlay. But my understanding is that AirPlay 2 should just happen, assuming all the devices are running the latest OS versions.

(jbayly) #6

This used to happen on airplay (to an airport express) at my parents’ house no matter what I did. We even replaced the Express at one point.

I also use Spotify, and that’s one really good reason why I won’t be buying a HomePod. We use an Amazon Echo, which supports playing the music directly for both Spotify and Amazon music. There is no battery drain on my phone like there was with Airplay. Nor is there any delay after pressing play (or pause) on the device, waiting for airplay to catch up. Speaking of which, it’s worth noting that the Spotify iOS app still allows you to control the music seamlessly, including volume control, even though the playback is happening on the Echo.