HomeKit Notifications

I finally upgrade to the latest Home Kit Architecture (16.4?). I am now noticing that Notifications no longer work (Sonoma and iOS 16.x). In fact, in the Home App under Device > Status the whole Notification selection panel is missing. Everything else works fine in the Home App and of course Notifications are turned on in settings.
I do not have an Home Hub but Apple states that a Hub is only required when being outside your home. Anybody else noticing the same problem?

My only active notification is for a door lock and that is still working under the latest Homekit system. Its Home settings have “Status and Notifications”.

My motion sensors also have “Status and Notifications”. However a power outlet only has “Status” so it seems to be device-dependent.

Update: This is with a Home Hub and the latest Homekit system and Home app.

And I assume you have no hub, right?
I read that not all devices send notifications, so it probably makes sense that the switch is one of these. My devices includes sensors for motion, doors, windows and they all no longer have a notification setting under Status.

I have gotten only one response to this topic. Contrary to what Apple states, the Home app seems to have lost the ability for notifications with the latest Home Kit Architecture (16.4).
Does anybody get Home app notifications from their devices without an Home Hub?