Home page redirects to Account page – how to stop?

Sometimes, when I open the TidBITS home page to see the latest, I am quickly redirected to my Account page (tidbits.com/membership). Why? Why does the Web site assume that I don’t know where I want to go? Can I disable this?

That’s really weird and certainly shouldn’t be happening. How are you opening the TidBITS home page? Bookmark? Typing and choosing a history item?

From a long-stored bookmark in Firefox, which simply says “http://tidbits.com/”.

Perhaps update it to https://tidbits.com so it’s not having to negotiate HTTPS on each load?

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve done that. I’ll report back on how it goes.

No, it’s still pausing on the home page and then jumping to the Membership page.

I can’t imagine why (or how) this could happen. Does it happen in any other Web browser? Perhaps you have an extension of some sort that’s causing it?

No idea. I’ll continue to live with it. It’s not like it’s a coronavirus, after all!

  • Do you always open via the bookmark? Have you tried just typing in tidbits.com?

  • Is your version of Firefox up to date?

  • Have you tried clearing your history or cache? A couple of those options might do it, or you could go nuclear and wipe your entire cache and history :exploding_head: